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I am new to owning a projector. I have a DLP projector but have already had experiences with the dust blob. At first I had no idea what they were. I noticed a few small perfectly round fingerprint looking circles only when the screen was completely black on the first projector that I had. I actually returned that projector for this reason because it was shipped to me with the dust blobs. My new one still has a tiny one that was also shipped to me that way but it's barely...
I will suggest the BenQ W710ST. I have this projector and I love it. Blu-Ray movies look great, my pc and PS3 games look incredibly good. 3D is excellent on this projector on the pc. With a budget of only $500.00, I don't think you can beat this one: http://www.amazon.com/BenQ-W710ST-Short-Theater-Projector/dp/B006ISZM2E
Anyone interested in 3D gaming on this projector? I have a BenQ710ST and I pc game using Nvidia 3D Vision in 720p @120hz. Looks like this new BenQ1080ST is not compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision but it is compatible with Nvidia 3DTV Play which outputs in either 720p60Hz for games or 1080p24Hz for movies. This sounds like a step down if you are interested in pc 3D gaming, right? Why would I want to go from pc gaming in 3D at 120hz down to 60hz on the new BenQ 1080ST? To me,...
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