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I have a Verus Grand setup (towers, center, pair of bookshelves) and am entertaining the idea of upgrading. Don't get me wrong, I love this setup, and I'm sure it cannot be beat for the money. I want to upgrade to JTR, which is several steps up in price. 1) Is the warranty transferable? (I got them this past January) 2) Does anyone know what kind of resale value these fetch? Thanks!
Jbrown15, carp, Jedirun, countryWV, and GiEGAR, thanks for the feedback!
I bought an Aperion Verus Grand system earlier in the year after a bunch of research. The rest of my system is a XPR-5, UMC-200, Oppo-103, an SVS water heater (soon to be replaced by a Funk 18.1) and bunch of acoustic panels. I more or less stumbled onto the JTR thread after finding the AVS forum while researching acoustic treatments. I now have the upgrade bug. The last system lasted over ten years, and I want this system to last just as long. I just messed up with the...
Thanks for all of your comments. Subs have come a long ways in terms of output and price in the last ten years. I'm sure that a single XS-30 would give plenty of output, and an Sub-M over kill regarding SPL's. But I'm interested in the quality of sound. It is hard for me to wrap my head around that, giving that sound quality is a little tougher to distinguish in the bottom octave or two. That is part of my reasoning for comparing a great sub, the XS-30, to a spectacular...
I’m updating my 10+ year old system. I’ve researched subs and have tentatively settled on the XS 30. My problem now is that I’m contemplating a Seaton Submersive HP. I’m thinking either one would get me to preferred listening levels while watching movies (40/60 movies to music). I want to err on the side of a better/nuanced sound. The living room space is around 2,200 cubic feet with a 14x20x8 with a hallway leading out of it. I’ve got an Aperion Verus Grand setup run...
I just finished up some 12awg 4 wire from monoprice. I used parts express 9.5 cable pants and that worked fine for me. I used 3/8 tech flex off off eBay. I'm not too sure what size heat shrink I used though- I bought a variety pack.Hope this helps. I like this thread!
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