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If I hook up a single rca to the back of the sub from the speakers than I'm either getting bass from the right channel or from the left channel, not both. Is there any way I can combine the left and right into a mono audio signal? I've read you're not supposed to use Y adapters.
I forgot to mention I live in Canada and I'd rather not have to ship from the states if they're going to charge tons for shipping and customs and all that.
I recently purchased a pair of audiengine 5+s and I am looking for a sub I can pair with these speakers that will also accept the variable output so I only have to use one volume knob on the speakers after I initially set the bass level relative to the volume of the speakers. My budget is around 300-400 and I would prefer something compact. Any suggestions? I do have a energy s10.3 I got from purchasing some other speakers for my tv from craigslist, but I haven't been...
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