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Wow now I'm really confused about all the indoor antennas! lol. The Clearstream 2V, Flatware, Terp, etc. Any suggestion in an apartment complex with probably a lot of interference? Thanks in advance.
Thanks Tyler. So of all you mentioned you think the Flatwave would be better? I'm sure there would be a lot of interference at an apartment complex. You think the amp rabbit ears may be better? Thanks!
Hi, I'm trying to find a friend an inside antenna for a apartment complex in Easley(29640) near the hospital. Any ideas on a real good one that maybe I could pick up locally? Thanks in advance.
Yes I Finally did and still don't know what the problem was! New coax, no splitters, all new antennas and run straight to back of tv.. so simple a child could do it! lolAnyway, yes I'm pulling them all in and will be glad to post a picture of it.
Tyler IDK what happened but I received my new fangeled weird looking antenna/ wing and it just pulled in like 3 channels! I got disgusted and brush up my old 50 year old Channel Master and she pulled them ALL in!! I am baffled and i guess common sense no longer applies! Lol And she still has some blue on her. They really built them back then...unlike some of this garbage I've tried! Yeah if Dish does drop CBS, I'm good!!
Tyler I hope it does too and hopefully will find out the first of net week!
Well Tyler, I talked to Solid Signal and they told me something I've never heard of- they said the reason the antenna wasn't working for me was because it was TOO powerful!! They did recommend a Winegard HD 7694P , I think the same one you mentioned,.
Yes, they are $99 but I can't find but One review on it so I think I'll wait until they're proven.
I sure hope you're wrong on this- I just ordered it last night and the Wing. I based it on these reviews and the guy in Atlanta sounded a lot like me. Here are some of the reviews.http://www.amazon.com/Winegard-GS-2200-Sensar-Amplified-Antenna/product-reviews/B001DFVJ6Khttp://www.amazon.com/Winegard-GS-WING-Sensar-DTV-Upgrade/dp/B002DPTQXW/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1379681950&sr=1-2&keywords=winegard+wingman#productDetails
New Posts  All Forums: