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I appreciate your input on this. I think I'm going to sell the 2kVA transformer and just get a 220VA UPS, running the majority of my stuff off that, since most of my things are universal voltage. Only the printer and wax-warmer run on 110V only. I'll use a much smaller converter for just those two things.
The MacBook Pro and Dell monitor do run on 220V. I have a printer and wax warmer that run on 110V only. The printer is rated to pull 100W during operations, the wax warmer 25W. So perhaps I should instead look at getting a 220V UPS that can regulate the voltage and then a much smaller voltage converter that would only need to provide 110V power to the printer and wax warmer?
Hello, I'm new here. I'm not a home theater expert or power expert so I'm looking for advice on what to purchase to solve a problem I have. I'm in Afghanistan and have an office setup with a MacBook Pro, Dell U2711 monitor, Epson WF3540 printer, Air Purifier, and few other things. Half of this stuff requires 110V power and my camp receives 220V power from diesel generators, so its definitely not the best power source. I have a Tacima 2000VA voltage converter supplying my...
New Posts  All Forums: