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Does anyone have pictures they can share of short throw projector installs?
I am piecing apart a HTiB and looking to add quality speakers. Which would you say is better sounding idea. FH56 Bar or 2 BIC FH56-LCR placed as a bar underneath projector? For the surrounds I will have 2 of the bookshelves.
Anyother recommendations?
Any recommendations?
Looking for a passive Soundbar. Want something with a punch and sounds great while watching movies and playing a few video games. Also decent at music. Wanna keep it around 1000. I will be putting it under my 100' projector screen. Thanks guys looking forward to your responses. So far Im looking at these: Pinnacle QP9 Leon HZ414 BIC FH56 Paradigm Cinema Trio
Sounds good. Just ebay shopping. Some good deals on there. Anyothers you could recommend?
Also factoring now with a sub upgrade. How do you feel about the dv62si all around?
Would u think I could get by with just 2 speakers under the projector or is 3 a must. Just with the room being only 10ft wide.
I think im gonna go with the lcr 2.5inches shallower. Might use the 65b as rears though.
Yes but its a hand me down from a htib. Little 6 1/4.
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