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Any Ideas for this floor plan layout. I am going to be starting on the basement next month so any input would be great. I have some ideas but you guys are always awesome with ideas so I thought I would run this one by you. Only thing that are must haves are the bathroom and a bedroom or two. Planning for a dedicated theater room and toy/game room. Thanks! 
I just got a sample of some new grey screen fabric. I just wanted to share some pics to to get a visual. The white screen is plain old white BOC. The Sample is Grey BOC from Fabric.com. It is a very light grey that will not affect color but help ever so slightly with black levels. I have been searching for the perfect cloth for months and this may just be the answer. Thoughts? (Sorry about the picture quality, my camera was on the fritz and I decided to take these pics...
Great point, thanks. I am still curious about painting any BOC screen, even if just to achieve a smoother surface. Do you think it would warp or ripple the fabric by painting? Im thinking that it shouldn't, I mean artists stretch and paint on canvas all the time right?
Ok, so I have built a frame and stretched BOC over it. It looks pretty decent. The screen size is 106". I will have a dark, light controlled room. What I am wondering about is painting the screen. I have a 2800 Lumen Projector, is this too bright for a very dark room on a white screen? If I paint the screen now that its on the frame, will I run into any issues with warping the screen? Will the screen just stretch further and get tighter if I put wet paint on it? I was...
Receiver -yamaha v373 Sub- Polk psw10 Speakers- FluAnce Av-htb
Found this fabricat joann's for $11.99/yd. If you go to the website they have 40% off coupons. I bought 8 yards for under $75.00. It is a strechable deep dark black velvet. I have been searching for a while for a good fabric for my false wall and I think this will work really well. Has anyone else used this or something similar? Just wondering about placing speakers behind it. It seems rather breathable so I don't think it will be an issue..
Everything else you have is polk...whats wrong with the psw10 sub? Amazon has a good deal on it right now for under $100
I am mathematically challenged and need a little help. I am trying to build a 110" 16:9 screen. Simple enough....right? According to the calculator, the frame size should be 96" x 54". If I choose to put an inch or two black felt tape border around the screen, will that effect my measurements other than actual 110" screen size? Basically I want to use 8 foot boards and need exact measurements because I don’t have my projector to use to test it yet.... THANKS!
Looking to see how large can I go with the picture and not loose too much quality.- Up to 300" according to the HD33 maual. (thats insane) It also depends on your room size. You could build a custom screen out of blackout cloth any size you like. I don't know your budget but this would be pretty cheap to do and they work great. What are the disadvantages of shooting on the wall vs a screen.- Paint on screens are fine but if you want to hide your speakers, build a false...
Just an idea on the layout using your largest space as the "theater" and keeping your desk and A/V cabinet close. Its not ideal by any means, but do-able. You could cut out the false wall to add some space if you don't mind your speakers sitting around your screen instead of behind. You could just paint the screen on the wall to save space.
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