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BoogerBomb & Bigham16 right there with you & preach it brother. Am beginning construction this weekend for the downstairs theatre room. With quotes in front of me, I now find myself emailing the vendors asking for new quote options on speakers and projector screens for my 14X38 rectangular space! Ugh.
Well, I have this receiver Onkyo TX-NR1010 on my short list for a new theater room. I see a bit of frustration in this post and it causes me concern. However, I noticed you haven't slammed it since so are things still moving along well with the 1010? It has more bells and whistles than the Anthem MRX500 I asked for, but my consultant insists this will give me more than I need and more than the Anthem. I was leaning towards Anthem because of it's reputation and the fact...
I too am currently shopping, but for a new home theater room in a higher price range. However, your $$ range is fresh because my current AV is a Pioneer VSX-1020 and I'm really happy with it. Lots of bells and features. If you are able to find one of these still new, highly recommend it. However, the 1022 or similar is a great option. I am not married to Pioneer, but it replaced a previous Pioneer that was destroyed by lightning (amongst other things), and before that...
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