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Impressive for your TV considering it was £358. What does your colour checker come to? Assume you have GCD or Mascior's disc...
I always thought that scene became bizarre for a moment with Legolas doing his jumping and feet on two dwarves balancing act. Like it temporarily stepped out of the Tolkien universe. Though the fat dwarf bouncing in the barrel as the soundtrack lowers hearing the barrel was funny then his swirling like the 80s cartoon He-Man spinning with axes. It was strangely weird yet a little amusing especially seeing the odd shaped beard and body jump back into the barrel. Almost...
On the TV itself or post processing? I see the wringing around the letterbox.
Try your greyscale on CIE2000 to find more errors. Also try 20pt run to see if there are any big spikes...
That isn't the only main reason. It's to stop your eyes tiring out between dark and bright scenes constantly occurring. Alan Brown covered this in one of the Twit videos.
Sadly I'm going to have to pass on this. Such a shame as she really can't understand colour accuracy, black levels etc. Even after showing numerous big name review sites and showing the Plasma and LCD side by side in the same room. I can't get over how she can't tell the difference between Plasma and LCD yet prefers the look of LCD. I can honestly understand why so many of the manufacturers have been pulling out and going with LCD. Doesn't matter what you say to them or...
I assumed as long as you mixed content you would be just fine. I've watched numerous black bar films (just not one after another) and the screen is flawless on my display. I've never had to use any screen wipe/pixel flippers-joggers or whatever they're called.
Blade Runner has one hell of an amazing soundtrack. Those clear twinkly sounds, it's amazing.
What scene is the black crush?
Sometimes I could have sworn Legolas looked CGI... Something looked strange about his face and hair compared to Lord of the Rings. Yes he's older but it seemed strangely false.
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