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Thanks for the input, Batpig, but I opted to run the rocketfish out of the assignable surround rear as Zone 2. If I try to move up to 7.1, I'll have to revisit the issue.
Thanks Batpig.The RCA split is a hack, but one often done since the dawn of time. I can't be too sure of it, though. Regarding checking the Zone 2 output, that would require having an additional receiver/amp handy, right? I don't have an additional working amp. around. Unfortunately, the little rocketfish gizmo has only cheap spring-type speaker wire inputs, no RCA in.
BTW, I am using a Denon 2113CI.
I am trying to set up Zone 2 to run a pair of PSB bookshelf speakers in my kitchen. I'd rather not use the assignable surround back speaker channels (as I expect to move to a 7.1 set up from my current 5.1) So I prefer to use the Zone 2 audio out (RCA jacks). I made an adapter and split the RCA jacks into convention speaker wires and ran them into a Rocketfish wireless sender. The Rocketfish receiver and PSB speakers are in the kitchen. The Rocketfish indicates it is...
Thanks MrVideo. I found the other thread, too, a couple days ago. (http://www.avsforum.com/t/1434976/abc-primetime-audio) Would make sense to merge them. In fact, if I had found the earlier thread initially, I would have posted to it, rather than start this thread. Thanks for capturing the audio. I found the entire DWTS program to be equally poor in quality. If you want to look at one segment, I'd suggest that from about 8:20 pm EST to 8:35.
Thanks MrVideo. Just a segment of the show should be enough to shed light on this (no need to deal with the full 2 hours). The MP3 file should be easy to deal with. I should also be able to stream the AC3 file via iTunes from my iMac, using AirPlay to my Denon 2113 CI AVR. Thanks again. This should be enlightening.
I see there is a very similar discussion here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1434976/abc-primetime-audio
Thanks MrVideo. I understand what you are doing on your end (mostly). But, how will we be able to compare the audio?Regarding picking a show, How about Dancing With the Stars (Monday)?Thanks again.
Interesting, Garrett."I'm assuming its a local affiliate problem."(Dreamliner)"My guess the problem lies with WTEN."(Weak knee willy)It seems to be emerging that there is some audio problem here, but it is inconsistent and variable. Perhaps the problem is originating with ABC national, and local technicians have to deal with sound processing and broadcasting to their local markets. The locals may all be trying different solutions to the same original problems, yielding...
I really think ABC national is part of the problem here. Since I posted this, I've done a ton of trouble shooting. I did (probably needlessly) replace some speaker components. I upgraded my receiver to a Denon 2113CI (big help with ABC audio problems and an altogether better AVR). My local ABC affiliate admitted they were having audio problems. ABC and its locals are trying to deal with audio. It's a though spot. They are trying to mix sound that will work decently through...
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