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Ukstevo i think you have the same problem as i. I also noticed that the green tint disappear, when you set the colorspace to native. But the real problen is that the green level is to high at 5 % gray but normal at 10 % gray. So you don't measure it in a normal 10 step grayscale calibration.
The problem is that with the white balace settings at default in movie mode with warm 2 and colorspace auto. I get a slightly green tint in some of the shadow areas. I actualy have to use native in colorspace. I trued aply your latest settings and the green tint whent nuts. So today i went to the store and i noticed that there wasn't green tint with the colorspace setting at auto. And i also noticed the firmware was 1021. Mine is 1032 also.
Thanks Did you get very high levels of blue in the 10-30 % area with warm 2 in movie settings? Mine goes out of the scale at 10 - 20 % (above 150 %) And are you using the latest fw?
Hello I have been trying to calibrate my Samsung 40es6715 led, with my ColorMunky Display, using HCFR 3.0.40. The 6715 is the skandinavian version of 6710, and the Colormunki Display is the same hardware as the I1 display 3/pro. I used the Mp4 files from AVS HD709. I don't know if there is something wrong, because when i manage to calibrate with delta IE values below 10 (most below 5). The image has a very visible green tint on the actors skin and hair. I have noticed that...
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