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Here is a few layouts of my living room and you will see my problem. I currently am running only the Left, Right, Center, and Sub of my surround sound system due to the fact I have no idea how to set it up and fit everything. Any help will be appreciated. This is my current layout and you can see that its awkward but gives me more space in the living room. Here is moving the TV to the center of the windows and placement of the additional surround speakers. I have 9...
Room dimensions are 16 feet wide and 27 feet long and 11 foot ceilings. It is so long because its connected to my dining room and only has a small divider wall to split it up. The speakers are 130W at 8ohm
Right now I just have the left,right, center, and sub connected. Due to my tv being in a corner and don't have a clue how to fit the other 4 speakers in. The sub is behind the tv with the port facing the corner. This system was a box set from circuit city like 5 years ago or longer.
Just got a new 60GT50 and this is my first 3D tv. I then understand from reason here that my Onkyo HT-R540 will not work with 3D. I have had this surround sound for a long time and I am not up to date on any of the new technology. So what budget reciever can I pick up that will sound good and work with 3D. I don't need anything very expensive but I want it to sound good. I also want to add a stronger sub to the system. The Onkyo sub sounds good but deeper bass is always...
Yea that's what I have been reading. I couldn't justify the cost so I picked up a 60GT50
Well my 2 year old Samsung has that problem. Not near as bad though. I was told either a new panel $900 or a voltage board for $300 to fix. It's not worth putting $900 into a tv that's 2 years old IMO. I believe mine should have lasted longer but I have read so many of the same problem that I won't buy another Samsung.
Any help?
Any update on this? I have the same issue
I have a 2010 Samsung PN58C500 that has developed purple lines during light colored screens. I have read here that this is a wide spread problem. I contacted Samsung and they advised me that I have no warranty and the repair shop would contact me. Needless to say that a panel replacement is out of the scenario as I can get a new tv for the same price. I have had this tv a little over two years. I see that several people got them repaired even though they were out of...
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