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Thanks much for input. Neighbor came by for bball game and showed me the correct aspect setting.
I recently picked up a new TC-P60GT50 which I think I love. however... I think my daughter or grand daughter my have changed something in the setting of either the dish VIP722K or on the tv itself. The problem is the "format" seems somewhat distorted. The reason I believe this is that when I call up the "guide" on the sat. the ends of the script on each side are cut off and changing the format , ie. zoom, justify ect do not fix this. Can anyone understand and remedy the...
I am new to the "calibration" issue so please just humor me if I seem uninformed. I just started my "panel plasma prep" ie D-Nice, then I ran into this Disney WoW blu ray forum. Is there any correlation? Do I need to do both? Can I do both? Is it either or? Some insight would be appreciated!
Yup! it's a winner!! Thanks for all the help. I guess since it's a learning remote I should do some learning also.
Well got the remote programmed to the basics. It was not as easy as I expected but not as hard either. But, I have VIP722 and I wondered if there is a button on the 650 that matches the "DVR" button on the dish remote. IE the one that calls up your list of recorded shows? If not can someone direct me in setting up a button for it please.
Thanks for the additional info. Guess I need to be more thorough in my investigations!. Unfortunately the failure of my HK is the reason for the 1913. I will recheck the input levels on each source. Thanks again!!
Thanks! It appears that theh 1913 only allows a global setting for all inputs. Soooo... by increasing the input level +db to much as in guitar pedals and amps there is the chance of distortion? That being said in order to reach the volume I am used to with my HK7000 I need to set the overall volume to about +5db. Is this a safe operating level for the 1913? Any thoughts?
Thanks to everyone for the responses. I think that the 650 will do all I am expecting. It's great to have a forum with this level of support when someone needs a hand with a piece of gear! Just hope I can get it programed before they sell the division!
Morning, This is likely a question that I should be able to answer but I need to know if I can do any thing about it. I have a Dish Net DVR, 1913 Denon and Panasonic GT50 series tv, Sony Blu-Ray. Thing is, there is a considerable volume difference (lower) and the Dolby Digital sounds bland when listening to the sat box output. Is there anything I can do to get the volume level on the sat box equal to the Blu-Ray? Thanks!
Thanks, I'll check out the 650 in the morning! G'nite.
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