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Im a little confused, on the site they say the diffuser calculator is there to kill a certain frequency. (min max). Are there specific frequencies to be killed at first reflection points or at the rear in between surrounds?
Good call. The 4 pi is way better
What The F:@
I couldnt tell the difference honestly but i dont have the listening time in that Joe does. In my opinion when i can park them in their home the room would be treated for sound and subtleties would be minimal. I think for the price i paid they are an incredible value and im really happy with them. There would have to be a really large noticeable diffrence for me to feel inferior about their quality and at that point i think the price increase to upgrade would be down...
As for how they sound i think jbrown would have the best to say. We hooked them up at his house the other night
Has anyone hooked up the 700 or 1700 to a pro amp on the sub output? I have a pair of DIY subs and I'd like to know if the receiver will work. I dont want to buy a clean box
Sounds good Erich. Yeah the zip ties are all in tact and nothing shifts. Thanks for the advice
ForFor everyone else on the forum we're texting each other as well as typing on the forum. Now thats efficiency!
Great! I think...
Listening impressions so far is really dependent on source material. Most movies on netflix are now noticeably terrible but blu rays and video games sound incredible. Really like the sound coming out of them so far and they sound pretty uniform(ive used the different speakers as center and left/right to see if I made any mistakes during assembly) Need for Speed sounded nice and clean. Great use of audio in that game for the speakers. Avengers had really clean...
New Posts  All Forums: