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I have my 4520 hooked up with two inputs (directv receiver and Xbox) with a single hdmi output to my projector and 5.1 sound (main zone). Zones 2/3 are setup as hd radio to my indoor/outdoor stereo speakers. I am having an issue I cannot seem to correct. After I start up my projector and receiver after its been off for awhile I do not get picture and sound and on my receiver it says cabl/sat stereo or game stereo instead of Dolby digital like it does when it's working. In...
I recently purchased this receiver and it setup as 5.1 for main and 2.0 for zones 2 and 3. I am running an hdmi from my Xbox and directv receiver in the corresponding inputs on the back of the 4520. Then I have hdmi going to my projector in a room with 5.1 sound. Now when I select game input it shows me Dolby digital. However when I select the cable/sat input, it only shows "stereo" ... How do I change it to 5.1 sound?
I am looking to do the same setup ... Did you end up happy with your result in a small room? Was it possible to go bigger in screen size with this projector at such a short throw distance?
Thanks jdsmoothie!
Sorry I am kind of newbie at this ... But I just purchased the Denon AVR-4520CI. My home is set up with 5.1 in the main media room, 2 stereo speakers thru the house, and 2 stereo speakers outside. How should I be hooking up the speakers on this receiver to setup the 3 zones? The 5.1 part is pretty obvious, so my main question is regarding zones 2/3. Thanks.
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