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As promised, I am informing anyone who is waiting to buy an 3020e that best buy has received their shipment. I placed my order Friday. **Wait, I just checked best buy site before posting this & the 3020e is back ordered again! I just placed my order 2 days ago. Wow. Either they only got a few units in or they sold out immediately. If you really need it now & dont mind shipping back to Florida in case you have to return it, then projector people has it in stock.Note: You...
Hi everyone, im new to the HT world & to this forum. As most newbie's i have done tons of research & ready to buy the 3020e. However almost every site has it on backorder including best buy. I believe epson will be making a shipment this month so I'll keep checking. In the meantime I was hoping to get some feedback... Why 3020e over 3020? The wireless feature for connecting 5 hdmi devices on the 3020e is appealing but it also costs $300 more than 3020 I noticed most...
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