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Thank you for this response, Its pushing me toward the Ultimate. I didn't realize that there was a difference in the 2 remotes.
I finally got off the fence and order an X4000 from Mike here at AVS. Cant wait to get it, but I have some things to keep me busy in the mean time. Fishing wires in a finished basement is not my idea of fun, but its got to be done sooner or later. I also need to find a wife friendly remote to so I'm looking at the harmony lines to order.
I'm trying to make a decision between buying the Touch now then the Ultimate Hub later and buying the Harmony Ultimate that comes with the hub. Are the remotes the same in both packages? and would I be missing any features add the hub to the Touch later as opposed to just buying the Harmony Ultimate. I may be over thinking. Push me in a direction.
AVS sells receivers and I believe they are a dealer with competitive prices.
Before I pick up an x4000 receiver up this weekend, I want to make sure I understand something. I can run the this receiver in 9.2 with both wides and heights and not surround rears with an external amp powering 2 of the channels?
I tested this out last night. I don't see any distortion besides what the matte screen does to the reflection. My matte screens is uniform, no wobble.
My Stand barely flexes at all and the TV sits straight up.
I think for me the answer is yes, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I can see the reflection of ceiling lights at the back of my room when the TV is off and the image is distorted by the matte finish of the screen.
After a week and a half with the TV, I am really enjoying it. I haven't really tested out the 3D on it yet, but hope to in the coming weeks, as soon as I find some good content. I would like to get the set calibrated better, but I'm unsure how to really go about that. With just the preset color settings, I find the color to be very realistic as opposed to cartoony like our upstairs TV. Blacks seem very deep with good shadow detail and the whites seem white to me. I...
I dont see any squashed colors, but im not sure what Im looking for really. Im a Flat Panel newb. Me and kids watched Finding Nemo last night and I thought he dark scenes were great. One particular part when the goggles get dropped in the deep dark water and fish in total darkness swim down til they see the light was awesome. Ill try to find some more dark scenes in movies.
New Posts  All Forums: