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I just paid $1481 for mine with $219 for a 5 yr warranty. This is in Australian dollars though, so not sure if that's reasonable or not.
After months of deciding, I finally picked up a 46HX850 on clearance sale and boy am I impressed. Coming from a plasma background I was worried that I would not be happy with an LED, but this thing is as close to a plasma as I have seen. The blacks are amazing, the color is not artificial and the motion handling is superb. No buzzing, IR or excess heat like my Samsung C7000 plasma. So glad I chose this over the HX750 as the Gorilla glass makes the contrast and blacks so...
Only concern I have with the HX750 is the matte screen seems to make those blacks a bit "dull". The Gorilla glass on the HX850 really deepens the blacks to my eyes. Is it worth the extra $300 though?
I'm looking to take advantage of the current EOL run out sales on tv's, and am searching for an LED for my bedroom to replace my current Samsung 50" C7000 plasma. The plasma is moving to another room so I'm checking out some 46-55" LED and have narrowed it down to the following - Sony HX850 Sony HX750 Samsung ES7100 LG LM7600 I have become very accustomed to the plasma look and love my C7000, but the HX850 seems to provide the closest thing to a plasma feel from all the...
So even though the light isn't shining directly on the screen, I will get the same effect? I thought the light had to be at the screen for the filters to do their work.
I have a Samsung 50" C7000 Plasma which I bought 2 years ago on clearance to replace my 37" Panasonic LCD I had in the bedroom. I use it for everything ranging from Blu-ray, Xbox 360 and regular SD/HD TV. It has some obvious problems like buzzing, IR and running very hot but I'm happy to put up with those because of the great picture quality it gives. Now here is my problem - My TV looks twice as good when watching during the day then watching at night. Even with the...
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