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Hi Shan I have the Sony VW50 and lately have been very similar issue. Have you tried replacing the ballast or any new updates from Sony? Thank you so much!
QUOTE: I have had this problem with the SONY Pearl 50. It shuts down for my blu ray player (Oppo 95) over the HDMI connection IF I have not first atleast let the PJ warm up with the non-HDMI connections i.e. if I start with non-HDMI connection (e.g. for my cable) and watch for 10-15 min and then switch to the blu ray over HDMI - everything works fine. If I go directly to blu ray over hdmi on power up - the projector will shut down in 5 minutes. I have not been able to...
We just moved into a new home with an installed Sony VPL-VW50 so I don't know what has been going on with the projector. The lamp has 70 hours. The restarting usually occurs a few times, 3-5 rounds, before the projector stays on and runs normally. And once it does that, it tends to be problem-free, until I turn it off and turn on the next time watching a movie. I tried with different HDMI cables and lengths, also with a PS3 and Sony BD player, still the same problem. I...
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