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my projector is in a huge closet with bifold doors with an attic door to a crawl space .the closet is in my bedroom so to get a 120 inch picture on my bedroom wall had to run the projector from my closet which all and all works out great.. I ran duct work from the side of the projector couple inches from the projector itself not touching it ran the duct work up to a twin fan laying across the crawl space area keeps my room kooler as well as the projector also have small...
i just bought the optoma 750egt and im also wondering which way to go..idodnt mind if i have to pay more if the quailty makes sense i hoe to hear some new reviews soon..thanks you guys on here for all the work you do to improve our gaming movie watching
i just ordered the projector but whiole im waitng for it to arrive needed some help please..this will be my first projector im in a 12x10 bedroom and i didnt want to lay down alot cash on a screen what should i paint my walls color for this projector ? any help would be deeply appericated ty
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