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If you haven't checked the forums at remotecentral might be helpful.
One suggestion might be to turn video processing features off in the preamp & let that occur at the monitor. Wasn't huge, but seemed to improve pic on comcast sports over directtv. Some processors allow customized settings for your inputs, so perhaps adjusting per input over time makes sense. Of course this could be my perception & others with more tech knowledge will offer other suggestions. Enjoy the Panny.
I really don't want to use the TV's browser, but wouldn't mind full screen image of what's on my laptop or a web site. Are Apple TV & Chromecast the primary options for wireless broadcast of content from either the web or the laptop's drive?Thanks,
Brilliant! Thanks -
Recent problem. Can not get Pandora to exit or play. Any net radio option, including Pandora, displays the same screen & a beatles song loading but never starting or playing. I've reset the modem, signed out of pandora repeatedly & can't still can't exit. Airplay does not work either. My ios devices show the connection, but the Marantz continues to display this beatles song loading in pandora. Appreciate any thoughts. Fred
Like I said "there are legitimate reasons" & " to each his own. " Not questioning anyone's ethics or the letter of the law regarding return policies. The intent of the return policies is for return / exchange of defective or in some cases unsatisfactory products. Purchasing multiple sets from different stores to demo them is not the intent of the return policy from either store. Work with a local dealer or someone who can set up open box product for a demo if that's...
I guess the thing that bugs me about this thread (& many others in the forums) is the flip approach to returning sets. Some posters claim to have returned 5 sets. Can't think of another product that anyone would repurchase to that degree. I agree the sets should meet advertised specs, but reading through the threads many sets are returned for really subjective & sometimes suspect reasons. Not denying there are legitimate reasons for some returns, but many deficiencies...
I'd agree with Repete - maybe. Hard to tell from the pic, but your room looks brighter behind the screen than in front of it (viewing area). My rooms pretty bright with windows on one side & glass patio doors 30 feet or so shining onto the screen. Frankly, I get reflection off the chrome trim but not the screen unless it's a really dark video image. The light filter works well. That said, the Samsung is known to be brighter so if that's your primary driver go for the...
Yeah. I understand the screen wipe feature on the set serves the same purpose, but didn't think D-Nice slides addressed IR. Maybe I take some of this a bit too seriously........thought more "active"white noise images were somehow better than the built in wipe function. Maybe time to relax & watch the set!
Flash Drive Alternatives to Disney Pixel Flipper? Hope this is not off topic but somewhere between BD, Preamp & ZT60 the wow pixel flipper shuts down. Not the same image, but wondering whether the attached will be effective as I was able to put it on flash drive & it loops. Downside is that the title repeats for 5 seconds on each loop & you do have to zoom or go to aspect 2 to fill the screen with the image. There seems to be a lot of similar options available...
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