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Sounds like a good idea but but will probably cost a lot of $$$$$.
Ok so I finally narrowed down my problem of wmc crashing while in MBC. It's only when I use my codec to decode the Video on any .mp4 container. All tv show themes in media browser classic are in an mp4 container so that makes sense. I was using ffdshow without issues for a few months but the problem is recent. I tried to uninstall all codecs and reset windows codecs but the problem is still there. I even tried lav with no luck. If I let windows decode the video, I don't...
So I setup the vpn as L2TP just using the windows vpn setup and speeds are back to normal. Now I'm getting 31 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload. I still want to figure out what started causing the bottleneck on the privatvpn client which uses openvpn.
So I've confirmed that it's a setting on my htpc. I connected to a sweedish server on my phone and got much faster speedtest results. The top 2 results are while connected to vpn. Here is speedtest while connected to vpn on my htpc. I only got 2.77mbps download. I didn't take a pic of speedtest without being connected to vpn but download speeds are about 55mbps download. So the bottleneck is obviously somewhere on my htpc. Any idea what Setting I need change on my...
Will do later tonight
I used to get get much higher speeds from Sweden. I wonder if it's a setting on my pc?
Had anyone that's using privatvpn seem a dramatic decrease in connection speed lately? My download speed is 55mbps without being connected to vpn and only 2.75mbps when connected. I used to have close to full speed.
I researched about my apu and the max multiplier can be 24. I can change it to 36 but the apu will still be running at 24. I tried playing with fsb speeds but kept getting bsod or restarts so I kept that at the stock 100. It's still working fine.
Thanks. I haven't played with those renderers yet. Using ffdshow codecs and mpc-hc. I hear MadVR is the best but haven't had time to research it yet.
I have a silverstone ml03 case and I use 2 enermax silence fans. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=35-214-016 They run full speed at 1600rpm and I'm pretty happy with the noise level and airflow. As wiley165 said, what environment is the pc in? Closed cabinet, shelf, or out in the open. I've been testing mine and 2 fans seem to be fine along with some cooling in my cabinet.
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