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Nonow & after i read you answer, i understant everything, and yes i play in the picture source (make my own resolution 1920x860).The problem is, i will order a 2:35.1 curved screen, so i need to warping the picture.From here the confusion is coming to me, which is okay the picture source is a 1920x860, but the projector still project in the 16:9 or even so, & when u need to warp the picture coming from ur projector to fit ur screen, u need the borders of the picture...
Guys, i make a custom resolution (1920X 860) on my pc. But the borders of the picture is still (black or grey on the wall, yes the picture in 1920X860 resolution, but the project still show on the 16:9 ratio, (only the picture from the source shows in 1920X860). Is that normal or should the projectir give a light of 1920X860 only !!!!!!!!
Is important if i need to use the 2:35.1 ratio, the video or the game (content should have a 2:35.1 aspect ration) ?Or its only can selected from the projector directly ?
Yes there is anamorphic ratio, but i get no different between the the anamorphic & real & wide & auto, the only different i see is when selecting the 4:3 ratio.Can anyone help me how to choose the 2:35.1 ratio in the BenQ w1070 please ?Also i see some thing called letter box, & like i say, wide, anamorphic, real, auto, what that aspects mean ?I need only the 2:35.1 simply !!!!!!!
Hello guys Yesterday I receive my BENQ W1070 FULL HD 3D projector, I need to know how I can use this aspect ratio (I don't found it in the main menu) Small note : The aspects ratios I found in the main menu is : Auto, real, 4:3, wide. It should be I found 16:9, and the 2:35.1 (which I need), but not. In the specifications I read the 2:35.1 aspect ratio is supported by this projector. Can anyone tell me how I can found this aspect ratio (2:35.1) ? Please...
Lastly i need one of this screens and i cannot decide because i don't see one of them.....i will decide and buy from the experience  of who need to help me : Da lite high power (2.4 gain) http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=36046043779 The high gain screen from elite ER120GH1 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00856XG20 The newest Dhd5 screen from...
Is there any recommandation about the gain, color of screen material ?
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