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Guys its not our activity......come on
I am sorry mr experience.
Hi friends here,, hi for everyone here.. Before anything i need to thank everyone here in this amazing forum....really now i know many many things from this amazing forum...Amazing is a word to describe something amazing....So this place is amazing Audio video science place. I need from everyone read this thread set himself in my place.... And we see what he choose. -You need extreme sound (Bass,,,clear,,,,detailed,,,,loud,,,,Sensitivity,,,,And extreme sound from all...
Firstly thanks for your activity with me...My budget is 1800$...I need speakers at high levels of ....Clear,,,Loud,,,,,Bass,,,,Details...
If i take two Klipsch RF-7 ii towers ! I need to take two subs. Which the best to buy : 2 subs from Rythmik FV15HP 600RMS Or 2 subs from HSU VTF15 350RMS Or There is another good choice exept this two to the towers. I need deep bass and amazing feel when i listen to the music. My room is about 7m X 6m & the budget is opened.(Not much).
Hello guys. I need floorstanding speakers at 250W RMS and have a good sensitivity . I do not need the Klipsch, please please give me speakers rather than the Klipsch speakers. Thank you...
That s what i see when i see the price of Klipsch RF 7 II in amazon. Whats that? The price is 1197 . And the price of others RF 7 II is about 1600$. Whats the matter.
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