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you could try contacting lg but im sure it would be expensivehttp://www.ebay.com/itm/LG-47LS4500-LED-TV-Pedestal-Stand-w-Screws-/171045604614?pt=US_TV_Boards_Parts_Components&hash=item27d31ccd06
I myself play a lot of games and it looks pretty good.I also watch a lot of sports i was watching the grizzlies the other day and did not see any motion blur, but im not sure if it may also depend on the input signalthere is not a way to turn the trumotion on or off it is supposedly on low by default and no new updates are available .the tv is great in my opinion, but it lacks some definition with blacks, you see little to no detail in some movies that are dark, like folds...
Thanks for the tip
has anyone purchased any type of warranty on there set and if so from where?
I agree it might have been a bad set I use the tv speakers for most standard viewing except for when I watch blu rays and although they're not the best they aren't to bad I haven't heard any rattle or distortion even when I put it up to 72
my backlight is 64and the edge enhancer was off but i was copying and pasting the reply didnt notice that
Contrast = 82Brightness = 56Sharpness = 60Color = 50Tint = G2Color Temperature = W06Dynamic Contrast = LowDynamic Color = LowNoise Reduction = OffGamma = MediumBlack Level = LowEye Care = OffFilm = OffColor Gamut = WideEdge Enhancer = off
for watching tv im usings stooic's settings with a few variations because every set is made it bit different, what looks good to one person might not look as good to another.and i might try the picture wizardbut havent tried his latest onesat night i still keep the settings but if im laying down ill just use the intelligent light sensor.when i play games i use modelomaestro22's settings
im using modelomaestro22's settings for ps3 and 360 and on ps3 i had rgb full but i switched it to limitedGame ModeBacklight 70contrast 90brightness 55sharpness 55color 60tint 0color temp 0ADVANCE SETTINGSdynamic contrast offdynamic color offnoise reduction offgamma mediumblack level lowfilm mode offcolor gamut wideedge enhancer onim also using stooic'sbut i have power mode off and sharpness i have at 55 and brighness at 57Contrast = 88Brightness = 62Sharpness = 58Color =...
i had a vizio M550VSE and returned it for the 55ls4500 and am not regreting it one bit.i used your tweaks on it and so far am liking the setup, thank goodness for your ocdi havent had a chance to try it on my ps3 but im gonna try modelomaestro22 game setup
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