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Ok..... M.M you have me very interested in the light gray screen. I am not opposed to the light gray SCREEN, I absolutely want the "best" Color vibrancy and deep black levels. Keep in mind the ceiling will be flat black and the carpet is black, NO windows or natural light. BUT I see your point and would like to plan on going with your recommendation. So where do i go from here....
I am using the Pt-Ae 8000 in a light Controled room. So I don't think I need the gray, white should look great.
Thanks pb-Maxxx I do have a hook up from a big sign distributor here the owes me! So where do I get this screen paint? And a step by step how to apply?
Ok, I live in Tampa Fla Today I placed a order for 80/20 aluminum for my frame. Also I am still wondering how you pulled of NO bezel on the example I saw?? I really like that look .
Wow! The Sintra 0 edge looks great , just what I had in mind. Question , how is it there is No bezel ??? Super Impressive I like this mucho better then the bd rig... Also what is sintra ? Is that the same as Melamine ? & where could one find it....
I am also building my first real TH room (18x13.6x8')with complete light Controle. I am thinking 130" DIY screen using the Pt- Ae8000, still trying to decide on the pj?? What's my sweet spot for throw? Give me a recommendation on the best DIY screen choice, I have a the tools and means to build it. I also like the BD-0 edge look with the led background. I am very committed to this build,I just framed in & covered two large windows that were in the room! What Ye Say MM.
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