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This is the problem I'm referring to:"Originally Posted by Guibs View PostHey thread. Been a while. I have been enjoying my hx850 until this week. Started noticing the screen going all black for a second and back one and it would repeat after a few seconds. If I power off the tv and power back on, the issue seems to clear out and everything is fine. This has happened a few time since a few days so I am getting concerned this might get worse.Anyone else had seen this issue?"
Hi. Did you ever figure this out? Noticed this exact same problem last night while watching the hockey game. Coincidence that we're both in Canada (i'm in Toronto)? Haven't had time to do any testing so hopefully it was just a Rogers Cable/Sportsnet issue...
Try G&G Electronics on Kingston Road in Scarborough. I bought my 46HX850 there a couple of months ago and couldn't be more pleased. The box had some very, very minor scuffing/dings on it but the TV itself is perfect. They had just received a whole skid of them in that condition but I don't know their stock situation now. I got mine for $1250 w/ full 1 year manufacturer's warranty. I can also take up to a year to purchase a 3 year extended warranty. Awesome.I've...
FWIW, I had to do a soft reset by holding the up button on the remote while pressing the on/off button on the TV. It reset some other settings too so make note of your critical settings before you try this. Cheers.
I tried that, no dice. The TV is connected to my Wi-Fi network, Network tested with positive results, Internet browser on TV working but still can't acquire new Internet content.Anyone else having this problem?FWIW, I'm in Toronto, Canada.Thanks!
Just updated my software and I am having trouble getting internet content such as YouTube. I click on Internet Video which is the only option I get when I scroll to Internet Content. the TV goes through its steps, including Authenticating, finally getting to the "Acquiring Internet content" stage. Then it just loads and loads for about 5 minutes. After that it conks out with an error message saying "Configuration failed while acquiring internet content. 5008. Please...
Steer clear of the LG. I returned a 7600, 8600 and 2 9600's becaus e of DSE and edgelight bleed. Didn't try the Samsung so don't know. Compared the 750 and 850 side-by-side and preferred the 850. Very happy with my 850. A very minor amount of corner flashlighting but I'm getting used to it and starting to forget its there.
For those in and around Toronto, GG Electronics on Kingston Road in Scarborough has a skidful of HX850`s. They are labeled as ``R1`` which means damage to the box only. I picked one up and it is working great. It was manufactured in Mexico in October so it does a very tiny amount of flashlighting in the bottom leftt corner but with the right tweaks and time it is getting better.
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