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I was happy with my 30/5... Now it looks like I need to upgrade!
My Amazon Basic cables have done pretty well for me. They don't have the build quality of my Phillips Gold I bought when they where like $10 a foot though. I may update just to have nicer looking cables... You know incase someone looks behind my TV.
http://www.modern.ie/en-us/virtualization-tools#escape-from-xp I just got up to 200k before my wife got annoyed! What can you do?
I dropped Cable and use just Netflix (for the kids mostly) and Blu Ray. I have very fast internet so Netflix's quality is quite good. I couldn't imagine wasting my F8500 on the crap the cable company calls HD.
My household switched to all natural cleaners after my first child was born, we now use pretty much just Apple Cider Vinegar. (not on the TV tough!)
Oh man, Oblivion was stunning on my ST50 I can only imagine how it would look on this set! I just picked up Watchmen and am pretty excited to check that out when my schedule allows.
I finally watch Pacific Rim. The movie was pretty good. I have to say though, WOW it was gorgeous! Any other movies I should be watching?
Not to mention that there seem to be at least a few people buying. I noticed it was pretty busy on the LG OLED owners thread.I missed the boat on the VT but my F8500 is breathtaking. By the impressions I read on the LG set I will be a happy customer when I can afford one!
I have the F8500. Get one if you haven't. Its not the ZT or a Kuro but its a beautiful display. If OLED doesn't make it this will likely be my last flat panel display for a LONG time. I better get a second one.
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