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For a 2k budget in that size room I would look at a pair of HSU VTF-15's, for a 1500.00 budget a pair of XV15's. If you can go slightly over 2k a pair of XS30's would be sweet. Notice how I am suggesting duals...
Merc's room is already equipped with 2 XS30's placed as end tables.
Perhaps you should read the sub recomendation sticky at the top of this section, then post a thread with all of the required information in that thread and I would be glad to help you as I am sure others would too.
It is impressive and I am glad you posted that info, but I would not count on 19hz to be typical extension on average. Besides we have no idea if that response was with EQ or not. I have a fairly good idea how capable the sub1200 is being I have one. I can say it is not +/-3db down to 19hz in the places I have had it...Possibly I could get to 19hz if I boosted the low end 3-5db, but that would limit way too much headroom imo. Probably mid 20's at best which is still...
I agree...I think you looked a bit to hard into my post.
Oh yea the PB12 outlet special would be killer if it was still in stock. The PC12NSD outlet is 699.00.
That is in room, not sure how that graph was achieved but I can verify the sub1200 does not dig quite that deep. If the dayton was actually capable of that in a ground plane measurement nobody would be buying subs that cost 4 times as much.
According to Jim Wilson review the Sub1200 is +/-3db down to around 26hz. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/speaker-subwoofer-reviews/71766-dayton-audio-sub-1200-subwoofer-review.html
I would probably lean towards the HSU. The SB-2000 is not going to give you enough low end bass for movies in that size room. Now a pair of SB-2000's would be a different story.
Lol I can not believe JD actually bought into that fudge.
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