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Part #1 of troubleshooting is ASSUMING that your test equipment is calibrated and the readings are correct.Yes, my forehead has lots of flat parts to it. Steel bulkheads (walls) are really made of steel aboard ship.
You want it about a foot over ear level while sitting down.
Right now, the C7 is inop from the shipping. One of the coils was knocked off. Looks like the box was dropped and the seller didn't really package it well. So, I won't have a stock C7 to compare to a stock C7. I'm going to have the xo rebuilt and replace the tweeter diaphragm.Still trying to decide what to do with the Academy. I will be keeping it. Just don't know whether to upgrade xo and diaphragm before putting it into its box for its slumber.I'm banking on the spec...
Speaker wire just adds distortion to the speaker. Play music without the wire. Dead silence. Add some wire. All kinds of crap played by the speaker.The only speaker cable I recommend is Audioquest Everest.
I don't see why not.For the Canad, eh? guys...how does Sonic Boom handle this?
Same thing is happening to me. My OPPO can't stream Netflix but, my TV can and it's right next to my OPPO.
Plus, it looks like my sub cut in half. Just not as fuzzy.DeanG, I will be contacting you next month for a xo for my KLF-C7.
That's good news. Now, I'll be able to pick up my next sub locally.
My bad. I thought the first version weighed twice as much as the II version. I just might go for the II version. I like the grill better on the II version.
OK...I wasn't planning on buying speakers until after my wedding in August. The KLF-C7 basically fell into my lap. Now, since I am still not looking for speakers, I need some direction. The surrounds I am thinking of are the RS-62. How do these stack up against the II version? It seems like the first version is twice the speaker that the second version is. Opinions, ideas, experiences?
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