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Thanks for the link. Very good info. So would you set my fronts to 80? Or what would you do in my situation?
I am sure she doesn't see it this way! Lol but yes you are
We don't get any trick r treaters here either. But we still bought candy! Lol
I agree you shoulsnt mix bad and good subs, different driver sizes etc. But as long as it sounds better than a single sub its worth jt
I disagree, I do t think he needs to make that big of a jump to get what he wants. He has budget friendly pioneers. He could upgrade to Definitive tech. Axiom, Polk
I have definitive techs studio monitor 350s and a mythos 8 center. What does audyssey set the crossover for them at 50hz? My surrounds are at 100 and my front heights are at 50 as well actually. Why so low?
Doesnt have to be long. I'd say the higher the quality the longer the time
My apologies. I meant the mythos 9 last night instead of the 7. The 9 has 4.5 inch drivers. You are correct that it is best to match driver sizes. I would pick option 1 of your choices. The front soundstage matches in driver size. Which will be best. And the surrounds aren't as important so you could get by with the standard gems having a smaller driver. I personally do the same thing. Except from 5.25 in the front to 4s in the rear
I use the f12 and then my htib klipsch sub I got awhile back. Not ideal, but it definitely helps even out the sound from the f12. I'll eventually buy another f12 or similar 12 inch to replace the klipsch though
Your right about identical speakers. However with your placement behind a tv? It will sound much worse than a center channel made by jbl to match the 180s.
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