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Awesome Ducati. So Badass
Perfect thank you
I actually own the S-10 surrounds from the synergy line. i got them on a deal. they dont match my other speakers. but i actually think they do a good job as surrounds. theyre obviously not the best. but for their price i think they are pretty good
What is the actual low end range of the Studio Monitor 350's? they are listed at 26hz but i know Definitive exaggerates their speakers abilities Hz wise. so what can they go down to? 60?
Never too big! As long as you can make it fit it's the perfect size!
JBL studio 180 for $100 at newegg with a $50mail in rebate. Great deal!
Well good for NXG!
Really Debating whether or not I want to jump on the mb42x. Or wait for something else to drop in price soon
I have a smartphone. I actually downloaded one a few weeks ago. It works. But I have no idea how accurate it is. During loud scene with my receiver at 45 it'll read at about 65 or 70 maybe. And that's during the loudest parts of the movie. And it says that should be a little louder than a conversation at 3feet? Lol I really don't think so
I have a 7.2 setup. On my onkyo txsr607. Because of this I use plIIz height. What would sound best and use my height channels? Is this the only one? For blu rays?
New Posts  All Forums: