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Wow thanks for all that work man! So your saying 60 or so on my receiver is reference level? Or am I completely off
Awesome bike Todd
Lol this is all over my head. How did you guys come to learn all of this?
I've heard definitive owners saying that most of the speakers timbre match very well. I'm going to pair mine with an older mythos 8 lcr. I'll post how it matches. I'd just make sure all the drivers are the same size. Which is why I got the 350
Wow seriously?I haven't checked. That makes me a lot happier I spent the money. I wasn't sure if I wanted to since I just upgraded my surrounds and sub.
Wow that's a steal. I got the 350s for 209 total. I like how they look in photos. But you don't really know till you get them. My fronts will finally match!
Making me more anxious Eli! 24 hours to go!
I just bought the smaller version of the 450s the 350s. Coming tomorrow in the mail. I can let you know how they are if interested. They 200 a pair right now at Newegg
Save the money and get the 52s
The receiver you have is designed for smaller speakers that can reach down to 100 or 150 much easier than 80hz. 100 isn't bad though. I have my surrounds set to 100 as well as my heights. But I have dual subs
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