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Great, What are you going to use for power and EQ?
Did you get them? How do they sound? It takes some time to get these horns dialed in correctly and a DSP is usually needed. Good luck. I may keep my 10s after all. I finally got them to mesh with the Maggies. Or maybe Im just getting used to them. Either way, Im happy! Rob
Hi, I am new to the site but have 2 DTS 10s that were built in Atlanta. I have pictures of them in the Sarasota Craigslist if you want to see them. They are painted in Red Barn Glossy to match my stand. They are in great shape and sound terrific. I recently switched my mains to Magnepan 3.6 and I need the extra space behind them to balance the midbass. Im pretty firm on the price at $2200. I am using a Peavey CS 1000 to power them. It too is in good shape and am looking...
New Posts  All Forums: