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Glad to hear it all worked out for you!Have you tried to see if you can pick up PBS out of Chatsworth, and ION out of Rome?I think I can get PBS but not sure about ION. My antenna is on the roof, so have to wait for my wife to get back from out of town before I venture up there. But I still have a few more days till she is home. I also need to readjust it just in general to the left slightly. Channel 39.1 is just on the edge of getting a solid stream.
What all are you currently getting? What percent are they at? Seems like everything is UHF. 91XG is supposed to be the best for its range. How long are your cable runs and are you using RG6? A Channel Master distribution amp should be good to feed all seven TVs. I got a 20% gain with mine. May want to toss up two antennas as well.
TVFool report For what we know that 8/10 more channels are in another direction and/or could be VHF. How strong are your signals that you are currently getting? Dealer tried the pre-amp and it didn't work at his house? Sounds broken to me.
Winegard HD7694P All coax is RG6 and using a Channel Master 3414 4-way distribution AMP. It is hilly through these parts, so make sure to check out TVFool. If you live behind a hill or in a valley it could potentially be harder to pick up any network, thus require better antenna and more heigth. Just as an FYI, 13 channels are 3ABN type channels. If you are into those channels, more power to ya!
Went from Comcast to DirectTV to EPB to OTA I rank them like this in terms of IQ and service quality DirectTV, OTA, EPB, Comcast DirectTV awesome IQ, awesome boxes, most HD, never went out once EPB has horrible slow boxes and were not compatable with my TV via HDMI. New company with a lot of improvement still to be had on the TV side of things. Comcast cut out constantly and was expensive. So went OTA. Get 30 channels with 7 in HD. I live on the east side of...
Reading up on this, it doesn't seem to do as good short range. One of the channels that I want to get is 2 Edge and 20 miles out. Would the 91XG be able to excel in a situation like this considering the short range?
With my experince with Comcast, which I had for an extremely long time, it isn't really how Customer Service treats their customers, it is how Comcast from Corporate treats their customers.I helped my Grandfather get a digital to analog box fixed. Took 90 minutes going through prompts. Never talked to a person.They always try to fix an issue from their seat. Even if you tell them what is wrong, policy has it to fix from their computer chair, and if they can't they will...
Winegard ANWI8700 Winegard AP Signal Amplifier Ok, so I am getting some designs going if I add a second antenna. From the antennas, the RG6 will be 3ft feeding into a coupler and then from there 1.5ft or 3ft into this signal amp. How effective would this be if the power injector is 50ft down the line?
I have yet to get an amplifier for my antenna, but I did get a distribution amp (powered splitter). Made a world of difference. Signal boost was 20% for all my stations and it allowed for me to grab an extra station just barely. So I am going to get up there, readjust my antenna I think 15degrees and add a antenna amp. Should end up getting all my 11 stations / 30channels in the 90%+ range. DirectTV lines have a ground on them, so you won't have to worry about that....
This is what I got up a week ago or so. Still have a little tinkering to do with it, accessories and cables I need to install/run. In a months time I should maybe have a second UHF antenna up there pointing the opposite direction. See about getting eight more channels, two in HD. Antenna went where our old DirectTV dish you to be.
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