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Please check out the pic above to find out what formats it uses. I have NEVER used one before so I don't know all thats involved.
Have 2 more for sale.
Contact me at airun100@comcast.net
Have 2 Game of Thrones season 3 code for sale. Only $8. When send code once paypal payment is made. $10 if you would like me to mail it to you. Contact me at airun100@comcast.net
Here's a new lot I have for sale. All are brand new and sealed. The cost is $435 including shipping. That's $13 per blu ray. Price is firm. Will be extra $10 if you want insurance. Contact me at airun100@comcast.net
Here's a pic of a package I'm selling now for $320 including priority shipping.
Hello all. Have a few new blu rays for sale. All are brand new and sealed. Will ship anywhere but buyers will have to pay for shipping, just $1 per blu ray in US except steel books $2. If interested in anything let me know at airun100@comcast.net Epic 3d combo pack $20 Epic blu ray dvd combo pack $17 Gi Joe Retaliation Steel Book 3d combo pack $22 Scary Movie 5 combo pack $17 Killing Season blu ray $15 Gi Joe Retaliation blu ray dvd combo pack $17 Peter Pan blu ray dvd...
Have available all come with slipcovers and shipping included contact me at airun100@comcast.net Cloud Atlas blu ray/dvd combo $17 Mama blu ray dvd combo $17 Disney's Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu ray dvd combo $17 Brother Bear 1 and 2 Blu ray and dvd combo $17 Texas Chainsaw 3d blu ray combo $17 Broken City Blu ray dvd combo $17 Safe Have blu ray dvd combo $17 The Hobbit 3d Blu ray dvd combo $20 Life of Pi 3d blu ray dvd combo $20 Monster's Inc Blu ray dvd combo $17
Have new updated list. Jack Reacher Blu ray/dvd combo Mama Blu ray dvd combo Wings of Life blu ray dvd combo $20 Safe Haven blu ray dvd combo Gangster Squad blu ray dvd combo Silver Linings blu ray dvd combo A Haunted House blu ray dvd combo Django Blu ray dvd combo Lincoln blu ray dvd combo Les Miserables blu ray dvd combo Wreck it Ralph 3d combo pack $20 LIfe of Pi 3d combo pack $20 Jurassic Park 3d combo pack $20 The Hobbit 3d combo pack $20 Game of Thrones Season 2...
Please contact me at my email address airun100@comcast.net as avs only allows for 2 pm's per day. I also have Jurassic Park 3D for $20
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