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The most important thing to do when placing the lamps is getting them the same distance from the edge of the TV all the way around. If you don't the light output won't look even on the wall. Also if you want more light on the wall away from the TV get them as close to the edge as possible. Only downside is there more visible when off. The ST has a slant about 3" from edge, that's where I put the strips and it was just enough slant that the lamps were tilted away from the...
II didn't. Started using it from day one. No IR. my wife feel asleep on the couch the other night with it on one of those channels with a logo. When I got up the next morning and saw it I cringed but nothing no IR whatsoever. If its per panel I must have got a good one.
Joe to answer your last question I am using HDMI only, no optical from DVR to AVR and yes all cable are in place.
Thanks for the replies. I ordered the 5 cable component cables this morning, gonna give that a try. I'm not sure I understand about the protection thing but we don't have any premium channels if that matters. The run is less than 25' and I have an Universal Automator remote with the expander so we can control the DVR when in the bedroom. If the wife is watching in there and I'm watching in the HT room then she can use the cable via RF. if we're not using the HT tv then I...
Your right, it is worth it. Would itbe ok to daisy chain two component cables together?
Thanks. Yep got to have 5.1 in HT. very good suggestion with component..... I will try that if I have component long enough 15'
I'm wanting to take the HDMI out of my DVR Charter cable box and split one signal to the AVR for HT room and the other to the bedroom tv. Both tvs are 1080p. At times we want to finish watching a program in bed that we were watching in living room. We only have one DVR and I don't want to have to pay monthly fees for another one just for the few times we would use it, we just don't watch much tv in the bedroom. For that reason I would like get a splitter that actually...
The CNET setting look the best on my ST60, better than D-nice. I guess if you don't run the slides then D-nice settings shouldn't look the best.
Mmy guess would be its the grill the panny fans are blowing through more than the fan itself, don't know that for sure though
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