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is there any difference in size compared to your 50 inch to a 55 inch?
Does anybody know the stand width and length by itself without the tv attached to it? I need to figure that out to determine if I need to buy a new TV stand as my current stand holds a 40 inch TV.
Didn't know where to post so I hope I'm in the right spot. Been thinking of upgrading my 40 inch LED Samsung to either a 55 inch LED or Plasma. I'm looking at a Samsung F8000, Panasonic ST60 or VT60, or a LG LA8600 in that order. I'm originally a Samsung guy but these reviews on the panasonic plasmas are very convincing so I may go to the dark side and go plasma. These TVs are fairly new so I'm waiting it out on customer reviews. I'll be using this mainly for blu ray...
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