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if i looked at it right, the parts are about 210.00. i think i will buy a new one.
what parts do i need to look for?
is that a easy fix? of a throw it away fix.
I have a Samsung HP-R4252 Model number HPR4252X/XAA and just started to flash on and off odd colors. What do you guys think? mike
I just got a new component cable and went out of my dtv into my tv by passing my receiver and amps and it works great!
I don't have an out on my tv. But, how about if I try this. I go out of my component outputs on my dtv into my tv? will they still work even though i have my hdmi cable hooked up?
I have a Yamaha RX-V1800 and it does not have that.
I was wondering what kind of splitter I would need to split the HDMI cable from my Directv. I want to send both the single to my receiver and to my tv. ( it already go to my tv through my reciver) That way we can watch tv with full 7.1 OR 5.1 Dolby ect with my 1.3a cables… or we can just by pass the home theater and just use the tv for other shows. The reason for this is my system really warms up the room. Looking to take the HDMI from the directv , split it to my tv and...
New Posts  All Forums: