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Thanks for the help. I will spend my 500 dollars on some rb-## for my backs and then save up for the rs-## for my surrounds. Appreciate the help.
I am considering adding a power amp to my system. I was looking at the UPA-500 or UPA-700. Just wondering if anyone had a similar set-up, or knew how these amp's power speakers over the 3312. Thanks
I am getting a whole new set of front speakers which i will re-wire and I am also doing all new HDMI cables as well. I will remove all the speaker wires from power cords and see what happens. I will post back with updates within the next 2 days. I appreciate the help!
Sorry...should have thought more about it. I re-ran audyssey after resetting my avr. This feedback issue is only present when using blu-ray. It is not as loud as the actual sounds being produced by the speaker, but I have never heard it this loud before. I cannot hear it in my viewing area, but do not need to have my ear right up to the speaker either. This almost sounds like there is a "shower" on in the films I am watching. It is a very audible static....it is more...
I plugged in my speakers, ran audyssey and put on a blu-ray. Boom, huge static coming from all speakers. It is not noticeable in my viewing area, but very noticeable when walking by the speaker. Never had this issue, and now I am confused....thanks in advance.
Thanks a lot! I can get them for around 1k at sd...it would be 1,200 on amazon. I will call asd in the morning and update.
Budget is fine. I am ok with the 200 difference. I have my HT set in a large bedroom 22x15 or so. I also will think about the future and having these in a proper theater room at some point which is my draw to the 82 ii. With the rc-62ii I know both will match well. Thanks for the help!
I understand...and thanks. I am trying to learn as quickly as I can. The stock in amazon is going down fast. I am leaning towards the 82 ii for now. Thanks again
Just wondering what you think makes them better. I have heard bass is better in the 82's but I also have heard the mids come in better on the 62's due to less bass. Thanks for the reply.
Appreciate the help. I will give it a try and look for a repair center if necessary.
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