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[Thank you.
Well .. I cannot seem to find the instructions or link on running the slides Also, can you explain or link me to how to tilt the TV with the factory stand without making it unstable or having to buy something?Thank you very much for helping this newbie !
Thank You
Won't taking the back off void the warranty?
Will someone post the link on how to inspect the screen for cracks and pixel issues and also how to run the slides. Also, Can the TV be tilted down on the provided stand? This technology is way over my head and my eyesight is not the best. So far my plasma looks great and as far as I can tell arrived intact.. Thank You
Thanks Again. Now to get this Blu-ray to pair up to the TV. Way to much fun
Thanks So how do you turn them off?
Anyone know how these 3d glasses charge? It appears they charge wirelessly?
I cannot seem to get to work yet. I can access all files on my computer and a USB drive plugged into the wireless router or computer so far no problem. Plenty of bandwith .. This router rocks ! NO CABLES Just paired the TV to youtube and watching a The Last Airbender 3D full movie for free !! AWESOME
Has anyone been able to wirelessly connect this T.V. to a Laptop and use the laptop's blu-ray player output the movie to the T.V. ? My Toshiba Qosmio_3D X875-Q7290 was advertised as being able to do this and my networking skills are quite limited. I am using Windows 7 and a NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (R7000) Thank You
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