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my HW150(original one) hdmi connect to Yamaha Home Theater system. HW150 Menu->Option->Dignital Audio set to "RAW HDMI ON". Surrending sound are working. I have try to connect HW150 to my TV HDMI2, HDMI2 audio set to digital. TV HDMI1(AR, audio return) to Yahmaha HT, Surrending sound is working too. Since I am using OTA(antenna), I am not sure the TV station broadcasing surrending sound or not, I only know digital sound does output from HW150 HDMI.
I do try Seagate USB 3TB drive on both hw150pvr and IV3500stb. It does not work well. Usually will start recording but will hung or stop somewhereBoth work well with Hitachi 2TB drive. I have the old(June 2013) hw150 FW=CL640133 120801 V12 and old(MAY 2013) IV3500 FW=V6a1. Hitachi 2TB usb drive2. Western Digital 1TB usb drive3. PNY 128GB usb3 Flash4. Corsair Voyager USB Flash 64GB5. SanDisk Extreme SD 32GB6. Corsair SSD 60GB
For HD recording, you need to have 20-25MB/s write speed, I sometime use SanDisk Ultra 32GB SD to record on IV3500 or HW150, both work perfect. However take 7-9GB per hour of HDrecording. 32GB does not have a lot of hours.
Be aware that IVIEW3500STB "passes RF" or "loop-through" feature is not working on later firmware on my original IV3500,. I am not sure this "Loop-through" is working on newer IVIEW3500STBII.
Q1: Why I think is Panasonic problem?When I connect my HW150 HDMI through Yamaha Home Threater Receiver, HDMI sound work. Only connect directly toPanasonic HDMI port, there is missing HDMI audio. When I do the google search on Panasonic S2, there were number on complain on HDMI audio issueand all type of resolution. That why I conclude this is more on Pansonic HDMI side.Q2: select htmi for HW-150PVR(no sound) " Which one? RAW, PCM or RAW HDMI on? What version were you...
I have the same TV Panasonic Plasma(s2) 58inch. Experience the same issue. My solution to make it works on S2 are1. (not working with V12 Firmware)use Panasonic remote, select htmi for HW-150PVR(no sound) and press Panasonic "MENU" ->Press down botton to "Audio" ->Press "OK" to Advance Audio -> press "OK" to HDMI1or2or3 "Digital"-->press right arrow key to "Component 1" and press left arrowKey back to "Digital", Sound for HDMI should sound.2. connect an white+red wire...
I have original IVIEW3500STB with new remote. After upgrade to V13a from V6a, hdmi audio become mute(no sound). Try upgrade to V12, audio no sound again. Downgrade back to V6a, hdmi audio work again. Just wonder if other have experience hdmi audio issue?
I try 091813_v9_QAM_virtual earlier. When Firmware Update from Fat32 usb, it just stop and reboot before see the upload 0 to 100% manual.Look like the file has issue.
http://www.zdnet.com/news/using-gpl-software-in-embedded-applications/296812 Here is detail description of Linux. Application in User space and device driver usually are not under GPL license. There is a lot of detail on this topic. It is a good project for Law student.
If there is update Firmware, iviewus.com should post V9 for download.Can Evelyn help to post latest V9 for download?Thanks
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