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Yeah, you should def call him. James usually answers the phone, but will call back relatively quickly. His email responses are generally slower.
The wood frame is what supports the brackets for hanging the screen when installed with the cleat, so I'd say that that is probably the place to use your eyebolts. The inner (aluminum) frame is what holds the tension of the screen. If it were me, I'd put an additional aluminum bar toward each end (which you'd have to request from james or buy on your own), held in place with 3-5 wood screws to the wood frame. Then, i'd have that aluminum bar drilled for the eyebolt. ...
If you have the right drill bits (rated for metals), then you can drill them. However, as I am not sure of the method by which the "aluminum frame" is attached to the wood frame, I cannot tell you whether it will support the weight as the aluminum frame was designed to keep the wood from warping and holding the screen material in place (not necessarily to hold the frame up to the wall). If it were me, I'd request two extra pieces of aluminum to screw into the wood frame...
Now that I have two supports on my 120in screen, I am very pleased! The screen material produces an AWESOME image. The frame looks great! However, a few warnings for those thinking about these screens - it's easy to strip threads in the soft wood so (1) don't put screws in and take them out repeatedly and (2) don't overtighten (using a hand-held screwdriver is preferable to a drill). It's easy to repair the threads in the wood with some toothpicks and wood glue, but...
To be fair, on Seymour's website, it does say that "Center Stage XD is temporarily unavailable for DIY orders until we get our supplies caught back up." So, if James is ordering the screen material through the site, then it's very likely that he has to wait until Seymour is ready for to ship the material.
In my order, I found that the more you pester them, the quicker things get done. I emailed and called each day and things seemed to go faster. James told me "two weeks" and then when I started calling each day, it was a week (not two) then I got the screen.
honestly, i think you'll be too close to the screen. My room is 11.5x14.33. We tried to have the screen about 11ft from the screen and had trouble focusing our eyes, especially when the action was fast moving. Now, we're pretty much against the back wall, and it's perfect. The screen is large enough to give us the movie theater feel without making it seem too small and straining our eyes. Personally, I'd wall-mount it and give yourself some more room to move back if...
How large is your room? The screen weighs about 30-35lbs. It's not very heavy since its light wood and aluminum. I didn't go with AT screen since my room is also small and to put the speakers behind would use up some floor space. I hope to post pics when I finish the room (once I install another cleat or two).
When I ordered my 120 inch screen it had one support (a French cleat) in the middle, when IMO it should have two supports (one at either end). So, supporting yours with two would be better than the single support that I currently have.
bighvy - It should be fine. Having two supports is something way different than the one support that James provides. Two suggestions: (1) Install the two supports approximately 1/3 of the way from each end. (2) Do not overtighten the center brackets, make them snug with a hand-held screwdriver, and DO NOT use a power drill.
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