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I agree with you. I think a 120 needs 2 cleats. Putting a 4-foot level on the top, I can tell that the ends are sagging because of the weight (not much, about 1/4 inch at each end). This can be fixed two ways - first, a longer support/tie bar at the top to tie the two frame pieces together, or second, two cleats (one about a third of the way from each end). I will install the latter, just because I feel better with more support along the top anyway. The waves where...
I got a 120 inch. I'll take it down and restretch in a few days. So, the waves from rolling the screen came out with re-stretching? Did you guys stretch one long side at a time? Or go back and forth from the two sides, stretching a few tabs on the top and then doing the ones on the bottom? The instructions seemed to say to do the whole top side then the whole bottom, then alternate the sides.
Thanks for the feedback. Did you guys follow the instructions on stretching the screen? I have a few wrinkles that I couldn't get out and some of them seem to be vertical lines where the screen was rolled around the PVC pipe to be packed. Do you have any suggestions for how to stretch it to get out all the wrinkles?
Got the screen yesterday and just looked at the pieces. The bracket used to hold the screen to the wall is about 12-18inches in length and a thin piece of metal. What did you guys who have the screen use to attach it to the wall? Did you use this bracket? Did you use another method? Did you add to the bracket? I'm just thinking that 38lbs of screen held by a 12 inch piece of metal may be too little....
UPS tracking states that the screen will arrive tomorrow (Thursday). It will be just shy of 6 weeks from order to arrival.
Got word that it will ship on Monday
I was told that my screen would be finished yesterday. Yesterday, I emailed him and asked about the status. He said that it was currently in production and would be finished last night. No word, no email, no tracking number yet. Slick, I'd try calling him again. I already priced the materials to build my own screen, and I've said that if it's not sent by next week, I'll build my own for about the same price, maybe a bit less.Not sure how Paypal works, but I'd be...
Yeah, I'd be less upset about it, if he'd just come out and say "I'm running behind; it'll be three weeks" or if he'd email upfront and say "It'll be 6 weeks" rather than 10 to 15 business days. It's the constant bad excuses that get me.I've been projecting on a screen that I made out of 1x4s and black out cloth. But the store I live close to does not have blackout cloth any wider than the screen i currently have (102 inch diagonal), so I thought I'd try James' screen. ...
Wow, Expat! Nice Screen! Wish I could fit something like that into the small room that I have... sadly, it was not to be.
So true... If it weren't for the good reviews that I've read, the expectation that I'd have to wait, and the price, I'd have found something else by now.
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