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Then whats the real difference of how power is measured at btw full range and at 1khz. ie: 100 watts at 1khz vs 100 watts full range
I have a Yamaha RXV 657 receiver (http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/rx/rx-v657_black__u/?mode=model) I like but it lacks HDMI and codec for newer surrounds. Been looking around low to midrange priced receivers and see that the power is rated at XX watts at 1khz all channels driven. My current receiver has 95 watts X 7 20hz to 20000khz. My thoughts are to use my receiver as an amp and buy a processor to bring me up to date with hdmi and newer...
I am using Klipsch RB 51's, 41's and RC52 centre. I believe they are all in 90+db sensitivity range.
Thank you community for your help[. In the end I went with Klipsch RB 51's for the fronts and RB 41 for the back, RC52 centre. Now just need a new receiver and a sub.
I am looking to replace my Yamaha RX V657 receiver as it lacks HDMI ports and the newer HD surround formats. This receivers power is rated RMS is 95wpc (20hz-20khz). Now when I am looking at receivers I see power stated as 80wpc rms 2 channels driven or 115watts 1 channel at 1khz. Can anyone suggest a Yamaha reveiver around the $500-$600 mark that has decent RMS rating on all channels (20hz-20khz)
Thanks guys I went with a klipsch RB 41 II's for the surrounds and Rb 51's for the fronts with my rc 52 for the center. I hung the bookshelfs on the walls and put the center on my AV cabinet. I am using an Klipsch 8' sub for the lows. I will have to say I am happy with the aesthetics and the sound quality. Gotta Love the efficiency of klipsch.
How would buying the matching bookshelfs to the centre channel work if I hung them on the walls. The only reason I wanted a satellite set was to have a better acceptance factor
I currently have a RC52 centre, Celestion F30 towers (10 years old), no name surrounds. Deciding on whether to buy a set of bookshelfs and surrounds to match my Klipsch centre or just gradually piece out a new speaker setup.
I am looking for satellites I can mount on the wall without hitting a stud, if thats possible. I did listen to a kef 105 setup and it sounded really good to me. I currently have a set of celestion F30 tower speakers, Klipsch RC52 centre and no name surrounds. I want something that sounds better than what I have but in a much smaller form factor.
What does the community think the best Sub/Sat system is for under $1000. Bigger isn't always better, and there's the wife acceptance factor.
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