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go thru your normal proceedure to change the skip forward time, but use 0300 instead of 0030. 0300 is 300 seconds, which if my math is right, 5 minutes.
Thanks for the EFCs!
0500 (500 seconds) would be 8 mintues and 33 seconds 5 minutes is 300 seconds, so use 0300.
30 second skip: The page up button (pg) is set by default to skip ahead 5 minutes. You can reprogram the box itself so that a page up command will instead skip ahead 30 seconds, or any length of time reprogrammed. Using the Xfinity XR2 remote, tap the "Exit" button 3 times, then enter 0030. The default is 0300 (seconds or 5 minutes). If you want to make it 1 minute, tap Exit 3 times then enter 0060. For 2 minutes, it would be 0120, etc. To verify: Start playing a...
2 Questions: 1. After unlocking the platinum remote and entering code so it works the X1 box, does the remote have to be locked again, and if so, what's the code to lock it? 2. Does anyone have a code or suggestion how to set the X1 remote back to it's default settings?
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