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Yea, I'm just rookie at this.
Ah, yea I'm a rookie at this (first projector). I have no intention of doing any type of light control at all beyond the "normal" window treatments like blinds. The projector is replacing a plasma and I'm using it as my primary TV more or less. I didn't see the substantial benefit in the BD 1.4 gain that I thought I was going to see over Firehawk G4 (especially for the cost increase) so I'm leaning more towards the G4. I know that any white screen isn't going to...
+1 for Mike. Support is great and I've had a few calls with him at 10:00 pm. If you ever have issues- Ebay sellers and Amazon don't care about it once they shipped.
I think I'm going to go with the Firehawk G4. That gives me a little flexibility that I need for ambient light and seems to be the safest bet. Now I just gotta figure out what size I want since I can go larger than the 115" limit of Black Diamond zero edge and also if I want the screen to be wrapped or velour frame. I can't find a good picture of a Stewart screen wrap anywhere on Google and Stewart's website just sucks so....
The Neve isn't that great IMHO. After seeing a sample- it was the first one off the list. Way too white/bright- as in you don't get any blacks and everything appears dull. That's with the 55 in reference mode. Neve was the worst of the bunch I've tested thus far and not even on the radar.
Who wants to watch porn in 4K?!?! 1080P was bad enough.... its like turning the lights on in the strip club when you see some of these "actors" in high-def
BTW- you CAN tell the difference in smoothness and material quality between the Carl's and the rest of them. All of them smoke Carl's for resolution/smoothness.... don't get me wrong though- for $90.00 you really can't beat the Carl's stuff but it does have its flaws, mainly the smoothness it lacks.
So, I got a Sony 55 projector and I'm working through the "which screen should I get" dilemma. Knowing it would take time to get a screen, just to pacify my need to watch the projector and tinker- I ordered some cheap material from Carl's; the "Pro Gray" they sell for $90.00 or whatever. I literally tacked this material to my wall using thumb tacks. No frame, nothing... just to see the picture of the Sony and get a baseline. My room is a light gray paint, white...
I have the exact same dilemma and similar set up (almost identical, lol). I ordered samples of every potential screen fabric to review. I'll post my findings when they show up. Initially I thought I would need black diamond 1.4 for sure but after throwing up some cheap screen material from Carl's I came to the conclusion that black diamond isn't a requirement. Now its just picking between the Stewart materials.
I had a voucher in mine- it was with the owners manual in the plastic bag. I already ordered the replacement lamp- cost $5.03 for shipping....
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