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Xbox One: Premium OneGuide features aren’t available in Canada http://o.canada.com/technology/gaming/xbox-one-premium-oneguide-features-arent-available-in-canada/
HW150PVR remote code 01FF
V14 QAM will work for V8, V13Soon there will be units with V1 out and V1 does not need firmware update, No new fix compared to V14but it has V1 has a new Dome MSD1237 and comes with PAL disabled (don't think we use that in North America)So whoever gets V1, Do not think is old, cause V14, V13,V8 will not work with itif you need QAM for V1email us: rma_east AT mediasonic.caThank you
No need cause V14 works on V13but there is no need for people with V13 to must have V14as it makes no difference, your 150PVR will not gain super powers
There is no need to chase for firmware update ( there is no new update) if you box came with V8 is the latest for your unit V13 is the latest for your unit V14 is the latest for your unit all the above have the same fix as V10 (the only major fix we released) if there any firmware update we will announce it If you need QAM, then you email us your current firmware version and we will email you the proper QAM for your version rma_east AT mediasonic.ca thanks
What is the current firmware on the unit now?
ATTN: If you have V8 or V13 Firmware DO NOT install V10. Your V8 and V13 is latest for your unit, With same fixes as V10V8, no firmware update required.V10, no firmware update required.V13, no firmware update required.If your box come with different firmware then the above, please contact us and let us know which firmware you have nowrma_east AT mediasonic.ca
Reminder now that Daylight saying time is OVER remember to turn off DST on HW-150PVR
HW-150PVR with V8 and V13 Firmware versions , both are for new remote layout V8 firmware is same as V13, the only difference is in V13 homeworx logo was added to every menu, which factory forgot in V8 So if you just bought a HW-150PVR and it came with V8, that is the newest . DO NOT update to V10 (as is for old remote layout only) and not need to ask for V13, Since is same as V8 And if you just bought a HW-150PVR and came with V13, that is same as V8 . so no update is...
For People with V8 firmwares and want to use QAM here is V12 with QAM for new remote layout units ONLY http://www.sendspace.com/file/sve7p2
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