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you can use any USB hard drive up to 2TB only
http://www.avsforum.com/t/1482341/homeworx-hw-150pvr-support-and-discussion/150#post_23656245you only flash to V12 if you want to use QAMif you do flash to V12, no need to go back to V10 (you can, but no need)
New Remote Layout on new batch of HW-150PVR due to customer's feedback, we changed the layout of the remote (no new button, just new layout) If your HW-150PVR have serial # HW-150PVR13070001 and UP. it comes with a new remote layout "Timer" beside the "REC", This unit has V8 version of firmware and it contains same fix as V10, so you do not need to flash the firmware on it. http://forum.mediasonic.ca/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=1811 And for People with V8 firmwares and want...
Hithe decision is not based on anyones post, is based on extra tech support that we had to do.have customer complaining nothing showing in EPG and timer error. On top of that people that don't even use QAM goes and flash with QAM firmware.we will probably have some returns due to this QAM Firmware.if anyone have the QAM firmware downloaded they can share it if they want. ( anyways here http://www.sendspace.com/file/esfqk3)There just won't be any offical tech support for...
hi, Due to not being able to get Program guide from QAM Clear channels, We decided to continue just to focus on OTA support, as we originally intended to do. Links to QAM firmware removed
Yes, the RCA (Red / White) out works, but then I will ask you what kind of connecting cable your speaker has, since you didn't specifybut in the case of the customer that asked, he did specify
sorry, I mean Audio Out
oh, c'mondid you not see the reply someone gave him before me?seeing that he said audio may be slightly off . I made this suggestionif HDMI to TV speaker does not have audio syncing off, Then hooking up speaker to TV may solve that
Since I know you will see the reply here alreadythere was no need to reply there, cause I replied to you here 1st, before seeing your other post
sorry but we want to keep it simple. If the customer ask if he can view thru HDMI or not, we go straight to the point and answer yes or notelling him to split the signal so he can watch and record another channel, is not what he asked.you can always start a new post and share infolike did you know you could split signal and do this and that,then we won't mind
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