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Steve, I've had the P60VT60 for about 6 weeks now and I do some gaming on it, but mostly movies. I've not experienced any noticeable lag. Reviews have shown the S60 with the least lag, with the VT60 slightly behind, and the ST60 almost double input lag and noticeable. I'm certain that the VT60 will give you a better movie viewing experience, in addition to more professional calibration options.
I own the P60VT60 and based on the price I got on it just over a month ago it's not out of your budget. I was also able to include a 4 year service plan within your price range. As far as your list of requirements is concerned, I feel that it would meet all of them exceptionally well minus the Viewing Area. While I have my VT60 in a room with windows, I have the ability to control much of that lighting with blinds. Only one seat in my room would have a problem with glare...
Here's my review of my Panasonic P60VT60 Thanks!
Answer to this question is incorrect. You can use a Mac to create the SD card slides. You just need to open a terminal session and go to the directory containing the slides and 'rm' the files that aren't necessary. I issued the following command in my Break-In Images path to delete the extra files: rm ._Slide*
VandyNole,I have Panasonic P60VT60 and initially connected the sound bar the same way that you did.... optical cable from TV to the soundbar. However, I noticed, and read in the manual, that Dolby TrueHD and many of the other popular formats are only functional through the HDMI connection. As a result, I ended up using the sound bar as a switcher as well. Not my preference, but that's how it is for now.As far as how my setup works...-TV to Sound Bar using HDMI ARC on TV...
Cody1811, I would agree. I've had my 60VT60 for about 3 weeks now and the fan noise has not been an issue for me, nor has IR for that matter.
Gandomyr, I seem to be just a few weeks ahead of you. I was looking to replace my older TV and my research brought me here, then ultimately led me to purchase the P60VT60. I've had it for just over a week now and I've been loving it. I didn't let the kids play any console games on it for the first several days, while I ran DNice's slides on it 24x7, or just watched some movies. Overall, I'm very impressed with the VT60 and I believe it's the best TV purchase I could have...
New Posts  All Forums: